Iron Man in 3D?

Have you ever wanted to see Scarlett Johansson's cleavage coming straight at you, so real you could touch it? Well you're in luck. Ain't It Cool is reporting that there is a very real possibility that IRON MAN 2 could be "upconverted" to 3D for a special release next year. They cite "very solid sources" who claim that a one-minute 3D test was produced and that it collectively knocked the socks off everyone who saw it. In fact it was so successful that Marvel and Paramount are now soliciting bids from three separate companies to examine the costs of converting the entire film to 3D. What's more, they're also looking into converting the original IRON MAN into 3D for a limited theatrical release some time before IRON MAN 2 hits theaters.

Before you get too excited know that there is also a very real chance this may not happen at all. Because it wasn't built into the original budget (as it was for, say, ALICE IN WONDERLAND), it could add a significant cost to an already significantly expensive movie. Granted IRON MAN 2 is going to make a shitload of cash but just because one-minute of footage was feasible (and looked awesome), doesn't mean it's prudent to adapt the entire movie. What it does mean though is that there is a high likelihood that IRON MAN 3 will be produced in 3D from the get-go, which could be a pretty awesome thing to behold.

Extra Tidbit: I had the pleasure of having Ms. Johansson's cleavage coming straight at me in an elevator in San Diego and I haven't been the same since.
Source: AICN



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