Iron Man website!

I've been playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for X-Box (biding my time until I get a 360) and, as you have the choice of building your team out of the myriad of Marvel characters, have been having a lot of fun playing as Iron Man. I was never a big Iron Man fan, per se, but I thought I'd give him a shot, what with his fancy pants movie coming out in 2008. Wow, that seems so far away when you say it like that, but yeah, IRON MAN doesn't hit theaters until 2008. Luckily, Marvel and Paramount have thrown up a quick teaser site for the film that includes the official logo for the film. I gotta say I dig it. Nice mix of new and old. Sadly that's all that's up on the site right now. Hopefully director Jon Favreau will keep it relatively up to date (he's been talking up the film on his MySpace page) as things progress. Robert Downey, Jr. and Terrence Howard will star in the film that will begin production in spring of next year.



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