Is David Goyer gearing up for Batman 3?

The internet is a flutter today with news from Nikki Finke that David Goyer is leaving his duties as showrunner for ABC’s FlashForward in order to focus on his “feature projects.” This has led to speculation that Goyer is about to start working BATMAN 3 (DARK KNIGHT 2?) now that Nolan’s INCEPTION duties are drawing to a close.

HOWEVER, it should most definitely be noted that Goyer currently has seven non-Batman related projects in development on IMDB right now, the most noteworthy being SUPER MAX, GHOST RIDER 2 and THE INVISIBILE MAN, so this return to “feature projects” might include any or all of those instead of Batman. We are also overlooking the obvious possibility that he wanted any excuse to bail out of FlashForward because it is an inherently terrible show. Or so the first eight episodes told me.

I think it’s a bit premature to assume Goyer’s next is going to be Batman, especially with all his other avenues lined up. I also think we should remember that Jonathan and Christopher Nolan had a large chunk of the writing duties on THE DARK KNIGHT, and Goyer is in fact responsible for projects like THE UNBORN, JUMPER and the aforementioned FlashForward, so I think his involvement is secondary to the Nolans’. Just something to keep in mind.

Extra Tidbit: The best part of FlashForward was the Oceanic billboard in the pilot because it reminded me of a way, way better show.



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