Is Emily Browning journeying to Pompeii for Paul W.S. Anderson?

Emily Browning has not been afraid to challenge herself on screen. From the going nude in SLEEPING BEAUTY to, well, whatever she was doing in Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH, Browning has shown a tendency for picking intriguing roles. But has anything prepared her for Paul W.S. Anderson?

According to Spanish site PeliBlog, Browning will join Anderson's latest venture, POMPEII, which of course tells the TITANIC-esque story of two lovers who are faced with a volcano's eruption and the titular city's eventual destruction.

"Game of Thrones'" Kit Harington has already signed on to play the lead character, a slave, while Browning would play his girlfriend - who just happens to be the daughter of Harington's owner.

Here is the POMPEII synopsis:

Set in the summer of 79 AD, "Pompeii" is about a slave (Harrington) belonging to a shipping tycoon who dreams of being able to buy his freedom in order to marry the daughter of the owner (Browning). What we do not know is that she has already been promised to a corrupt senator and that the slave will be sold to another owner.

To make matters worse, Mt. Vesuvius erupts with the power of 40 nuclear bombs. The slave is trapped on a ship bound for Naples, separated from his lover and his best friend, a gladiator. But as fire and ash destroy the only world known, the slave makes the decision to return to the city and rescue his loved ones.

BATMAN FOREVER writers Lee and Janet Scott Batchler penned the script along with "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes, so at least there's a touch of class lent to the proceedings. Shooting apparently begins in April, but let's wait for a confirmation on all of this before we get too excited. (You know you're excited.)

Source: PeliBlog



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