Is Halloween 8 down for the count?

Ever since production began on the eighth HALLOWEEN film, subtitled THE HOMECOMING, it seems like it's been as doomed as a horny Haddonfield teen. Reports began almost immediately that the production, which stars Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks and includes a cameo from Jamie Lee Curtis, was in trouble and that the powers-that-be had problems with various aspects of the film. Dimension Films was quick to deny all such rumors that said extensive re-shoots and even recasting had to be done to correct the myriad of problems. Just when we thought all that was behind us and we'd get on with our lives, along comes another report, possibly the most damning of all, that suggests the movie is in dire straits and in major, major trouble.

I won't rehash the entire report from AICN here (to read what their scooper has to say, click here), but basically it says the film stinks, director Rick Rosenthal has been fired, 2/3 of the movie will have to be reshot, and Curtis single-handedly saved the film from the direct-to-video release. Before I go any further, I must tell you that I contacted a rep from Dimension Films (whose reputation I trust), who told me that there was "absolutely no truth to this story."  None.  Not a word. HALLOWEEN is still on-track for a Summer 2002 release.  I'm not sure exactly where all these rumors are coming from, but it seems either someone has a major vendetta and is starting a smear campaign against the final (?) installment in the HALLOWEEN series or Dimension is attempting to sweep a big, expensive mess under the carpet (which I doubt).  Whether the film stinks or not, I'm not sure.  Just don't believe everything you read is all I'm saying...

UPDATE: Just as I was about to update this page another separate report corroborating the fact that this scooper's report is inaccurate is online at Coming Attractions and also an official statement from the producer at the film's official website

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