Is Jennifer Connelly going to be a Cheater?

If there's any opportunity to post a picture of Jennifer Connelly, I'll take it.

Luckily today there is! The news isn't extensive, but it's news.

Connelly has been offered a part to be cast alongside Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, and Winona Ryder in Ron Howard's CHEATERS (at least that's the title for now).

If Connelly takes the role she will be playing Vince Vaughn's girlfriend who is torn on whether to tell his best friend (James) that his wife (Ryder) has been cheating on him. Howard's Imagine Entertainment partner, Brian Grazer will be producing with Vaughn on the film.

How great would that be? Both Ryder and Connelly in a film together. Ryder is one that I've been hoping to see in a decent project for awhile now. I think the last thing she was in that even did decent business at the box office with her in a starring role was MR. DEEDS. She was in STAR TREK, but that was a minor role as Spock's Mom. I'd also like to see another light-hearted project from Howard, who has been immersed in the land of Dan Brown.

Extra Tidbit: Best Jennifer Connelly hottness scene? This one from CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.
Source: Deadline



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