Is Kurt Johnstad doing a quick rewrite on the Man of Steel script?

The updates on MAN OF STEEL plot are few and far between. We know the main cast but lack some real story structure. While the obvious plot points lie with our villain, General Zod, will there be a spin on it?

The script has already been written by David Goyer and now he's off to work on his GODZILLA creation. So now that he's done, it's time to bring in someone else to do some rewrites.

Moviehole has heard from a reliable source that Kurt Johnstad (300) would be putting his mark on the script next:

"Now that Goyer’s is off The Man of Steel and on to Godzilla, Snyder got Kurt Johnstad (whose his regular, go-to writer, including 300, that Last Photograph project that Bale’s attached to now originating from Snyder’s noggin and that 300 spin-off) to take over for rewrites. Jonah Nolan took a pass on it too."

Jonathan Nolan got in on it too? Well of course, his brother is the one overseeing the whole project. Rewrites are not an uncommon practice. Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder likely just want the script all nice and shiny.

Source: Moviehole



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