Is Netflix releasing Stranger Things discs in vintage VHS packaging?

With season 2 of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to release STRANGER THINGS to Blu-Ray/DVD, or any sort of physical media. Maybe some commentaries or behind-the-scenes documentaries (the main reasons I miss DVDs at all)? That would be swell.

Well, it seems we might just be getting one! And, if these pictures swirling around the internet are to be believed, it's going to package like a vintage VHS! Here, see for yourself!

To be fair, this could be a hoax, but Netflix has been known to quietly release physical media of their shows/movies. And even if it is, this is still some deep fan dedication otherwise, and sweet looking to boot. Now let me know when we get an actual VHS release of STRANGER THINGS, then we'll talk.

Meanwhile, STRANGER THINGS season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix October 27th.

Extra Tidbit: True story: my friends couldn't convince me to watch STRANGER THINGS (because of my aversion to '80s nostalgia) until they played up how important D&D was to the plot. Now I'm hooked.
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