Is Steven Spielberg's Interstellar prepping for blast off?

INTERSTELLAR, the crazy interdimensional sci-fi treatment originally penned by Caltech theoretical physicist Kip Thorne and later worked into a screenplay by Jonathan Nolan (THE DARK KNIGHT, THE PRESTIGE, MEMENTO) at the behest of Steven Spielberg, might perhaps be possibly inching towards becoming a reality. Maybe.

The admittedly purely speculative news comes via Vulture, who are reporting that Jonathan Nolan has moved to Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor (after what appears have been a wrestling match between them, Nolan's former digs at United Talent Agency, and Creative Artists Agency). The move, according to Vulture, is being seen as a preemptive attempt to capitalize on what Nolan may be doing next outside of the third Batman film. And the only other project Nolan's been attached to over the last couple of years has been INTERSTELLAR. It's logical speculation, but again... speculation.

As for Spielberg, the guy has one of the largest pending slates in the business (and that's not even mentioning his currently in post-production Tintin film, THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN). He's got the biopics of both Abe Lincoln and George Gershwin, the Diablo Cody-adapted THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, and the adaptation of Rick Riordan's THE 39 CLUES, said to be akin to Hitchcock's 1935 film THE 39 STEPS (a favorite of mine that you should check out).

Will INTERSTELLAR blow past these other gestating projects in light of this latest bit of news? Only time will tell (but I sure hope so).
Extra Tidbit: Jonathan (and Christopher) Nolan's uncle, John Nolan, appeared in BATMAN BEGINS as Wayne Enterprises board member George Fredericks.
Source: Vulture



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