Is the Red Dawn remake finally going to see the light of day?

It's fair to say that the majority of people have forgotten about the RED DAWN remake. We'd just like to pass on this film because of how useless it is. The Chinese were the enemy instead of the Russians for this version...yeah, cause that was a good idea. But then it was changed to North Korea being the enemy because there was a fear that the Chinese government would get pissed.

Well, it looks like the film will finally see the light of day. FilmDistrict is finalizing a deal with MGM to get the remake out next year. It's taken a year for someone to finally decide that they wanted to distribute the film.

FilmDistrict launched INSIDIOUS and most recently DRIVE with Ryan Gosling (awesome soundtrack btw). I just feel like RED DAWN should have been left on the shelf regardless of whether Chris Hemsworth aka Thor is in it or not.

The whole shabang was just poorly planned overall. Good luck with all that, FilmDistrict.

Source: LA Times



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