Is Zack Snyder helming Justice League? Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer thinks so!

Justice League

As we get closer to the release of MAN OF STEEL there's going to be a lot of rumors about JUSTICE LEAGUE flying around and 95% of them probably won't be true. One of the biggest pieces needed for the film to really start moving forward is a director and several names have been floating around like David Goyer, Zack Snyder and GANGSTER SQUAD director Ruben Fleischer.

Fleischer has been out promoting the DVD release for GANGSTER SQUAD and when he spoke to Screen Crush recently they asked him if he would want to direct JUSTICE LEAGUE. Ruben Fleischer said that he wants to direct a big superhero film but it won't be JUSTICE LEAGUE. Why?

Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing.

Now that doesn't exactly mean Snyder is a lock to direct JUSTICE LEAGUE. Screen Crush is quick to point out that Fleischer might be just assuming Zack Snyder will end up directing the film or he's read some of the rumors online. But they also mention two things that help support his claim: Fleisher is good friends with Zack Snyder and writer Will Beall is working on the script for JUSTICE LEAGUE...who just happened to work with Fleischer on GANGSTER SQUAD.

If Zack Snyder is directing that just creates more questions. Does that mean MAN OF STEEL 2 (or whatever it will be called) isn't going to be out for sometime or will someone else step in while Snyder works on JUSTICE LEAGUE? What's the time frame on this? Would he do both? Is it OK to pop open a bottle of champagne if David Goyer is definitely not directing it?

MAN OF STEEL looks like it's going to blow us away and if that's the case then Snyder has earned the right to direct JUSTICE LEAGUE, if he wants to. Someday we'll have some confirmed news for JUSTICE LEAGUE but sadly it's not today.

Just in case you were living under a rock (or twenty-seven f*cking years in the woods as a hermit): Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL is out June 14th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Well, what do you think? Do you want Zack Snyder or is there another director that you think would be a better fit?
Source: Screen Crush



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