Isaac Newton and the Three Laws of Starring In An Action Movie?

Rob Cohen directing xXx

Isaac Newton led a packed life, one full of biblical dissertations and all sorts of scientific discovery. But then a pirate fell on his head and they fought and Newton saved England. Okay, so maybe that's not quite accurate. 

But what is true is that for the last thirty or so years of his life Newton was Chief Detective and Warden of the British Mint, wherein he cracked down hard on counterfeiters and gathered the damning evidence himself via a variety of disguises.  So there's actually some fodder for an exciting action/detective story, which is just what producer/director Rob Cohen (xXx, ALEX CROSS, pictured above) is thinking.

Cohen will write the screenplay himself and work with producer Gene Kirkwood (ROCKY) to commision a comic book that covers the same material so as to raise awareness for the project (rather like what Darren Aronofsky did for NOAH).

This initially sounds like a blatant rip of SHERLOCK HOLMES - what history-based action flick doesn't these days - but if enough of Newton's science can be incorporated there may be an interesting hook to this yet.  The movie will be produced through Kirkwood's new studio BiteSize Entertainment.

Isaac Newton prism

"My work is gripping and dangerous, by God! Look at that beam of light!"

Extra Tidbit: Newton extracted scientific evidence from the Bible which led him to believe that the world would end no earlier than 2060. So that's a relief. Kind of. Mayans or not, we may still be f***ed.
Source: Variety



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