Isabela Moner is ready to explore as Dora the Explorer in first image

For years Dora the Explorer entertained children around the world while parents took a break to do laundry or just catch their breath, and now the iconic children’s character is heading for the big screen. This new live-action adventure will bring Dora into the real world with Isabela Moner (TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT) playing the plucky explorer, and now you can get the first look at her sporting a big smile and her helpful backpack.

The story will follow Dora heading into the most dangerous terrain of all – high school – only to do what we all expect her to do and go off on an adventure to save her parents solve the mystery of a secret Inca civilization. With her will be her monkey companion Boots, her cousin Diego (Micke Moreno) and two other teens along for the ride named Randy and Sammy (Nicholas Coombe and Madeleine Madden). Veterans Adriana Barraza and Eugenio Derbez will also be in the film, Barraza playing Dora’s grandmother, Abuelita Valerie, and Derbez playing a mysterious jungle dweller who helps the teens on their journey. James Bobin (THE MUPPETS) is directing with a script from Nicholas Stoller (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL).

I can't say this is a movie I'm excited for, but obviously, it doesn't matter what I think because in no way is this movie intended for anyone over the age of twelve. Kids are going to look at Moner and scream "Dora the Explorer!" at their parents until they cave and buy tickets for the movie. Then the kids will sit there, happy, making the parents happy by extension, and then if everyone's good they can go get Happy Meals afterward. 

DORA THE EXPLORER hits theaters August 2, 2019.

Source: Paramount



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