It is officially heading to IMAX screens

Having seen the pictures and watched the trailers for IT, we are now forced to ask ourselves what could possibly scarier than seeing a cackling, red-haired, makeup-drenched clown (Bill Skarsgard) on the big screen? Oh, I know, how about putting that nightmare on a 50-foot screen and throwing in immersive surround sound that makes you feel trapped in a room with the killer clown. That experience will now be offered to you as IT has been granted an IMAX release.

Producer Barbara Muschietti made the announcement via her Instagram page, confirming (with plenty of exclamation marks) the movie would be getting an IMAX release.

The movie was not filmed in IMAX, so don’t expect the film to be the scary clown version of DUNKIRK, but that doesn’t mean the movie won’t benefit from the superior sound quality and encapsulating visual experience. I can only imagine the sale of night lights will skyrocket as of September 8.

The IMAX release is just one way Warner Bros. is trying to market IT as a unique horror adventure, another being the IT VR experience that makes you feel like one of the unlucky members of the Loser’s Club trapped right in the middle of the terror. As well a four-minute clip from the movie was shown to anyone seeing ANNABELLE: CREATION in theaters, a rare treat by any standard.

Everyone will be seeing this movie in theaters, and IMAX will be the way to make your experience stand out. A huge key to a horror movie’s success is atmospherics, and seeing something in IMAX certainly cranks that up to 11. At the very least it’s the scariest clown on the biggest screen. That's a positive, right?

IT arrives September 8.

Source: Instagram



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