It reactions praise Bill Skarsgard, the Losers & the horror thrills

We’ve seen the trailers; we’ve seen the clown in full view and; we’ve already seen a therapist about the recurring nightmares. When it comes to the upcoming IT film there’s only one question left unanswered: Is it any good? The film has another two weeks to go before release, but some lucky critics and journalists have already gotten to watch the carnival of terrors, and they’ve taken to social media to voice their opinions. The consensus? It appears we could have another horror classic on our hands, as those who have seen it have praised Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise and the young cast that makes up the Losers Club.

Our own Jimmy O and Eric Walkuski saw the flick, and they are among the masses singing the movie's praises:

These are just a handful of comments, and some of us probably won't walk away as thrilled, but horror films can be a tough nut to crack but from the sound of it the film has done an excellent job of combining the tale of innocence lost with  clown terror, all while losing none of the heart or settling for cheap scares. If the reviews stay positive, IT could exceed its already lofty opening expectations, and become one of the biggest horror movies ever made. Invest in night lights while you can.

IT arrives September 8.

Source: Twitter



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