It trailer effortlessly floats past worldwide viewing record with 197M views

Suck it, FIFTY SHADES DARKER! Put that in your gas tank and smoke it, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS! Aw yeah, it only took 24 hours after its CinemaCon debut on Wednesday for the trailer belonging to New Line & Warner Bros. rebooted adaptation of Stephen King's IT to effortlessly float past global traffic records with 197 million views! For those keeping score at home, this number laughs in the face of the previous record of 139 million set by Universal’s THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS back in December, as well as the trailer for FIFTY SHADES DARKER - which garnered 114 million views within 24 hours of its debut before that.

Actually, why not add to this already impressive total by watching the trailer again, or for the first time if you're one of the few who've missed it:

Personally, I'm very excited about the IT reboot now that I've seen this trailer. The movie looks to honor the original in more ways than one and hot damn is the footage spliced together for the trailer creepy as hell! Here's hoping that the rest of the film measures up and that the studio didn't blow its load by placing all the best bits in the project's promotional material.

Regardless, I'll be floating my ass down to the theater to catch IT when it arrives on September 8, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: One has to wonder what Pennywise's final form will be in the rebooted flick. After all, history has shown that the giant spider approach turned a lot of people off to the finale of the film.
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