It's all over the news in this clip from the first episode for season five of Breaking Bad

Now that you get a preview of the articles with our new layout, I have to avoid spoiling anything at all costs. Plus, I would hate to spoil anything BREAKING BAD for anyone. Guys, catch up already, geez. I kid.

The reason I say this is for one, the new season is quickly approaching. You have until the 15th to sponge up all the seasons of BrBa. The second reason being that I have this new two minute clip from the first episode of the season which is titled, "Live Free or Die". It definitely spoils the fourth season ending. If I didn't warn you, someone would inevitably send me a nasty email or Facebook message telling me how I'm a "total dick" and I've "ruined their entire life". I don't want that.

Here's what I can tell you. The clip picks up following the aftermath of what happened last season. You can already see the gears going in Walt's head. Walt Jr. is home. It looks too late for breakfast.

Okay, watch the clip below. There are spoilers. I've given you enough warning.

Source: Collider



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