It's an explosion of badass hotties in this first clip from Machete Kills

I want to say that this new clip from MACHETE KILLS has it all, but really what it has is a whole lot of badass, scantilly clad chicks shooting guns and driving erratically. So, this is kind of like an ex-girlfriend worst nightmare thing. That said, the scantilly-clad chicks in question are Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, and Alexa Vega, so you could have worse things hunting you down and trying to kill you with their gattling boob gun and crotch cannon. Right?

I really wasn't much of a fan of the first MACHETE, even as I tried to appreciate it for all the intentional B-grade shlock. However, now that I've accepted what the series is doing, perhaps I'll dig this one a little more. I will say that Robert Rodriguez has assembled a damn fine cast for a damn silly movie. The primary selling points for me are Mel Gibson as the villain and the aforementioned scantilly-clad ladies, including the lovely Amber Heard. Charlie Sheen as the President is also a bonus in a head-shaking funny kind of way. So, yeah, this looks to be about as fun or potentially better as the first. Expectations in check.

MACHETE KILLS hits theaters on October 11, 2013.

Source: You Tube



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