It's Choke, baby!

Choke It's hard to believe that CHOKE, the feature adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's deliciously dark novel of the same name, is actually finished production. And for those of you still doubting the film actually got made, the cool folks over at "Twitch Film" recently got themselves a first look at a still from the film featuring Sam Rockwell being the perfectly cast Victor Mancini, the story's protagonist, we knew he would be. The story, under writer/director Clark Gregg, follows our sex addicted hero as he fakes choking in restaurants to prey on people's sympathies after they've saved his life in order to pay for his mother's hospital bills. All this happens in between him working a shitty job as a Revolutionary War re-enactor and doing some fucked up shit that can only be found in a Palahniuk novel. Check out the still in all its bigness over HERE. The film will be release in 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Gregg stars in the surprisingly cool sitcom "The New Adventures of Old Christine".
Source: Twitch Film



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