It's not just LA, aliens invade London in this new Attack the Block trailer

Writer Joe Cornish has been working on getting his directorial debut, ATTACK THE BLOCK, off the ground since 2009. Two years later, his film is set to premiere at SXSW next week. Cornish, who wrote both THE ADVENTURES OF TIN-TIN and the upcoming ANT MAN with Edgar Wright (who produces BLOCK), has brought a new spin to the "aliens are invading our town" genre that seems awful popular lately. Instead of douches (SKYLINE) or military grunts (BATTLE: LOS ANGELES), BLOCK follows a group of South London teens protecting their housing block with whatever makeshift weapons they can come across. It also features one of the best taglines in recent memory - "Inner City Versus Outer Space."

The new trailer for the film is online today and gives us a good look at what to expect from Cornish's debut (and what flourishes Wright brings to the table as a producer). Check it out below and keep an eye our for all our coverage from SXSW.

Source: Empire Online



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