It's our first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman!

It's Wonder Woman!!!

Uh, wait.

Okay, so Adrianne Palicki is really pretty. But my first initial impression was "porn parody". It's like she's getting ready for her stripping job in the evenings. I mean, shit, can she even breathe in that thing? The costume is a little bright and I swear I saw one just like it at Target during Halloween.

I don't mean to sound negative. I really don't. Sadly, everything about this project just feels corny. Diana has multiple personalities? Really? Maybe everything will be decent and my feelings will subside.

To be honest though, I still really favor Lynda Carter's costume from the 70's.

Tell us what you think! The lasso of truth wills it to be so.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder Woman feels sort of hard to pull together live-action wise. Again, Lynda Carter's version took place in the 70's, it was okay to be corny then. It's still okay to have some cheese, but look what happened to BIRDS OF PREY.
Source: EW



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