It's the ShizNICK! Check out some old school Nickelodeon art from iam8bit's upcoming exhibit

I am in deep smit with all things late 80s and 90s Nickelodeon. I recently did another marathon of THE ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE. I figured that several of you might be overly nostalgic like myself when it comes those years of Nick. Some days I wish there was a channel that just played all the old stuff that I used to love along with the commercials that would play in between. This includes old MTV with music videos and LIQUID TELEVISION. Okay, I've gotta stop and tell you more about this awesome exhibit.

So on April 19th, iam8bit Productions will be hosting a really cool event in Los Angeles. Sadly I cannot attend since I am several states away, but maybe some of you can go in my absence. If you want to go, be sure and RSVP at the official Facebook page. Plus, it's free! Not to mention you can hear some tunes spun by DJ Lance Rock of YO GABBA GABBA!

On with the art! I chose some of my favorites. If you want to take a look at more, head here.

Aled Lewis' homage to REN & STIMPY

Jede Buffum's homage to LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE

Kyler Martz's homage to THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE

Nan Lawson's homage to THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE

Suhko Lee's homage to RUGRATS

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Nick show?
Source: /Filmiam8bit.com



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