Ivan Reitman wants us to forget everything we heard on the internet about Ghostbusters 3

Let's be honest, we have no idea what to believe about the third installment of GHOSTBUSTERS anymore. In fact some people don't even think it exists. Well, it does exist. The only thing is that everything we have sort of learned about it isn't terribly accurate.

Actually, Ivan Reitman told Cinema Blend this, "Virtually everything you’ve read on the internet [about Ghostbusters III] is not accurate." Does this mean Bill Murray was right? He's the one that's constantly called bullshit on everything GB3 related.

So what's true? When the site asked if production was still scheduled to begin in May, Reitman talked about how there was no cast yet. He said they, "have some actors who seem to be interested in doing it, a ton of interest in the film."

Once Murray said that the script was "a myth". But it's real and a copy was sent to him. Did he read it or wipe his ass with it? Not sure. All Reitman said was that the script was turned in a month ago by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The script was sent to Murray to see what he thinks of it. Maybe he has been wiping his ass with it...

I don't know how he feels. One minute he shows up at the Scream Awards in the Ghostbusting suit and the next minute he says something about the project being "hogwash". Do you think he'll give the script his blessing?

Extra Tidbit: Some people get lucky and Bill Murray shows up at their karaoke jam.
Source: Cinema Blend



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