J.J. Abrams' WWII horror movie Overlord gets a bloody, fun first trailer

Are mainstream war movies getting a little too dull for you? Are the battle scenes too commonplace with the themes of sacrifice and honor coming off as dated and sappy? Then OVERLORD may be the movie for you, as it takes the familiar WWII setting and flips it on its ear for a chaotic, horrific, bloody movie experience. The first trailer made a surprise drop today and teased tons of gory action in a movie about American soldiers trapped in hostile territory, only to discover a terrifying experiment being cooked up by the Nazi enemies. 

The movie comes from producer J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company, with Julius Avery directing and the script by Billy Ray (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS) and Mark L. Smith (THE REVENANT). Jovan Adepo (FENCES), Wyatt Russell (22 JUMP STREET, BLACK MIRROR), Pilou Asbæk (GAME OF THRONES), John Magaro (CAROL), and Mathilde Ollivier star in the movie.

There has been much speculation that OVERLORD is a fourth installment in the Cloverfield franchise (following this year’s CLOVERFIELD PARADOX), but Abrams has denied this is the case, most recently at CinemaCon back in April. OVERLORD looks like a crazy, gory horror flick that stands on its own, and it looks like an insane movie to experience in IMAX. 

OVERLORD is in theaters November 9.

Source: Paramount



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