Jack Bender drops out as director of the Jack Ryan reboot

Tom Clancy's golden boy, Jack Ryan has had several different faces. Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Alec Baldwin have all taken their place in films over the years. Now with Chris Pine attached to be the fourth Ryan, it seems that the reboot is loosing steam.

Jack Bender has had to leave his directing duties on the project due to his schedule. The helmer had hopes that the reboot could get started this Summer, but his television commitments are too numerous. Bender is executive producer on Fox's ALCATRAZ and is soon to helm SyFy's pilot of REWIND. Bender attached himself as the director of the reboot back in 2010.

Paramount is hoping to start production as soon as Pine is done with STAR TREK 2. After going through a few scribes, David Koepp (JURASSIC PARK) did the final polish on the script.

Who could be put in Bender's place? The possibilities are endless. Any suggestions from you schmoes out there?

Source: Variety



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