Jack Huston and Toby Kebbell are battling it out for the lead role in Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein

Every tale that makes it to the movie screen seems to need a rival these days. This is the case with the FRANKENSTEIN adaptations. There are four versions out there but the only two that have steam are I, FRANKENSTEIN and FRANKENSTEIN (working title).

The one up for discussion today, or at least in this article is FRANKENSTEIN. Jack Huston (BOARDWALK EMPIRE) and Toby Kebbell (ROCKNROLLA) have both auditioned to take on the role of Victor Von Frankenstein in the flick directed by Paul McGuigan (PUSH, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, WICKER PARK). If you recall, Shawn Levy was originally the director then McGuigan replaced him. They already have Daniel Radcliffe on board to play Igor.

Not sure how you feel about him after he gave his opinions on MAN OF STEEL, but Max Landis (CHRONICLE) is the one who scripted this version which is a "revisionist, sci-fi take” on Mary Shelley’s novel. No other details have surfaced.

Huston and Kebbell may not be the only ones up for the role so don't be surprised if you see future headlines featuring new actors trying out. However, they should find the right person very shortly.

Source: Deadline



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