Jack-Jack adorably leads the teaser for Incredibles 2

It's been 13 years since Disney/Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES graced the big screen, creating one of the coolest non-comic book related superhero families ever and absolutely one of Pixar's absolute best films to date. Fans of the film have been dying to see a follow up to the film (while enduring a barrage of unnecessary sequels from other franchises) and now it's finally here. Director Brad Bird returns to direct with the original castmembers returning, including Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson, in an adventure that sees Elastigirl and Violet out saving the world, while Mr. Incredible takes care of Dash and Jack-Jack, who appears to be the same age since we last saw him and with a healthy dose of developing powers. It's a small tease, but I'm just happy it's actually happening. The first THE INCREDIBLES is not only a great animated film, but actually a great entry in the comic book film genre, even if not based on an original comic. Some of the blockbusters from Marvel, DC, etc. could learn a thing or two from it...

INCREDIBLES 2 dashes into theaters on June 18, 2018.

Source: Disney/Pixar



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