Jack Nicholson to star in next Hangover movie?

We all know what happens when a movie becomes unexpectedly successful - the copycats come out of the woodwork. Such is the case with THE HANGOVER as now a number of scripts making the rounds in Hollywood are being described as "THE HANGOVER meets..." with some added little twist to theoretically make it different. One such script is LAST VEGAS, a movie that can best be described as THE HANGOVER meets GRUMPY OLD MEN. It's basically about four senior citizen friends who fly to Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party of the playboy of the group, who's finally settling down. While nothing is set in stone, CBS Films has offered the starring role in the comedy to Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson, if he agreed to star, would play Billy, the 70-ish-year-old character who's finally getting married. It's a role that seems as if it were written directly for Nicholson. The script was written by Dan Fogelson, whose untitled Steve Carell comedy is currently filming at Warner Bros. with Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore co-starring.

Nicholson can be seen next this December in the Jim Brooks dramedy HOW DO YOU KNOW? Jack doesn't work often (the Brooks film is his first in three years) so to immediately jump back into another film may not work with the actor's schedule but stranger things have happened. Stay tuned...

Extra Tidbit: I'm currently working on my script, which can be described as THE HANGOVER meets PRECIOUS.
Source: NY Mag



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