Jaime King is a sexy online journalist

I've been doing this sort of thing for a decade or so, and while JoBlo.com has some pretty folks on the team, I can honestly say there aren't a lot of occasions to use the phrase "_______ is a sexy online journalist." So I'd like to thank Jaime King (SIN CITY, MY BLOODY VALENTINE) for that headline opportunity.

The model, actress and all-around cool chick will star in JOURNIES, a romantic comedy set in the community of Hollywood-based online reporters. The story revolves around "an aspiring online journalist who gets the scoop of a lifetime when a one-on-one interview turns into an unexpected date with Hollywood’s hottest young ingénue."

The movie is being put together by Death Ray Films, with writer and FX guru Grant Boucher making his feature directing debut. FANBOYS director (and King's hubby) Kyle Newman is producing along with Robert Sanchez, who should be able to ensure some degree of accuracy -- he's the guy behind movie fansite IESB.net, and is now crossing over into the producing game (he's also making WAR MONKEYS with Newman, and I, FRANKENSTEIN with director Patrick Tatopoulos).

Sanchez says JOURNIES is "NOTTING HILL with a touch of 'Entourage' for the younger, hipper, Comic-Con crowd. Grant's writing is amazing and his take on our story nailed it." So while a lot of us have an inherent aversion to romcoms, at least this one should carry a solid geek quotient.

Extra Tidbit: Sanchez is also the behind the infamous Wrath of Con parties at San Diego Comic Con. Which would also make an interesting setting for a movie...
Source: JoBlo



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