James Badge Dale goes from WWII to WWZ

Assuming that no outbreak occurs in the next year or so, we'll get to see WORLD WAR Z before an actual zompocalypse.

Paramount's big-screen, big-budget adaptation of Max Brooks' novel is currently coming to life, and has just added James Badge Dale (HBO's "The Pacific") to the non-zom cast. The actor has also appeared in "24", THE DEPARTED and AMC's "Rubicon".

The story, set in the aftermath of a global undead disaster, stars Brad Pitt as a U.N. worker chronicling the events across the world. Mirelle Enos (AMC's "The Killing") will play his wife, and Dale is a soldier who was one of the first to become aware of the zombie threat.

Anthony Mackie (THE HURT LOCKER) has also been rumored for a role, although he just joined Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin in GANGSTER SQUAD, so that could end up being a schedule conflict.

Marc Forster (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) is directing the nightmarish near-future.

Extra Tidbit: The audiobook of WORLD WAR Z featured the voices of Mark Hamill, Alan Alda, John Turturro, Henry Rollins and the author himself.
Source: Variety



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