James Cameron currently has 4 sequel scripts to Avatar

You don't make the highest-grossing picture of all time and walk away without some studio having some serious discussions about sequels. Given that it was kinda hard to pull off a sequel to TITANIC, it looks like James Cameron had no problem returning to the world of Pandora and crafting an entire new trilogy with everyone's favorite unobtanium-riddled blue aliens. While Cameron is busy crafting the sequels scripts with writers Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Josh Friedman & Shane Salerno, composer James Horner hinted that these writers may have bit off more than they can chew. Speaking with Hey U Guys, Horner talked about his involvement with the sequel. After mentioning the amazing underwater scenes that we would see, he also confided that right now, Cameron has scripts for 4 sequels, not 3.

James Horner on the AVATAR sequels:

Right now Jim has four sequels script-wise and he’s trying to make it into three. And that is where, I think, his effort is going right now. To keep it to three sequels, because he’s got so much going on. How do you keep it from expanding into a fifth movie, total? And he’ll get that sorted out.

While I didn't have a problem taking AVATAR for what it was worth, I'm really hoping James Cameron has something much more compelling for the sequels. The fact that he has 4 movie's worth of material has me intrigued. While the backlash for AVATAR and any sequels may seem apparent to you and I, there's no doubts that there's a huge audience for sequels given how much the first made. Cameron showed audiences something they had never seen before with AVATAR on a visual level. I hope he delivers that a second time, at the very least. And for the love of unobtanium, please don't split the last movie into two parts...

AVATAR 2 is scheduled to hit in 2017.

Whether it be ghost, twin brother or flashback, I don't care what capacity Stephen Lang is returning to the AVATAR universe. He totally rocked it!

Source: Hey U Guys



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