James Cameron makes history and descends to the deepest part of the ocean

James Cameron is officially the most badass person working in movies today. The director of THE ABYSS travelled to the real world equivalent when he successfully reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench yesterday, becoming the first human to do so in over 50 years and the only one to ever do it solo.

Cameron, who has long held a love of deep sea exploration, travelled to the deepest place on Earth in his custom submarine, the DeepSea Challenger. Equipped with cameras, naturally, Cameron made the descent in two hours and recorded the entire excursion in 3D and high definition. It would be fair to assume that we will be getting a documentary out of this adventure at the very least.

We know the filmmaker is going to be making AVATAR 2 in the near future and he even went so far as to mention visiting Pandora's oceans. Could this experiment have been the ultimate research for a movie? In either case, he certainly expressed interest in submerging the trench again.

I know this isn't exactly movie news exactly, but fans of Cameron's body of work and movie buffs in general should be in awe of what he has done not only for the cinema he loves but also for science in general.



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