James Cameron says that Kate Winslet should get over her Titanic hang-ups

During the press for TITANIC 3D, Kate Winslet just let her honesty flag fly when it came to her feelings on the movie. I don't blame her. Every lady at my middle school saw that damn movie 800 times. Not to mention they also played that Celine Dion song so many times that I felt I was getting seasick after awhile.

She made some playful comments about seeing a skinner DiCaprio, being tortured by her younger, less experienced self, the fact that the film was converted to 3D, and getting sick of "My Heart Will Go On". When James Cameron was interviewed by Moviefone for the Blu-Ray release of the film, the site got right to Winset's comments.

MovieFone: You've said many times that "Titanic" is your baby. How did it feel to hear Kate Winslet convey her not-so-positive feelings about the film?

James Cameron: I have to cut her some slack on that. Because, when you’re an actor in a really iconic film -- I mean, imagine Mark Hamill in “Star Wars” -- and the last thing you want if you’re a really good, versatile, chameleonic actor with enormous potential like Kate and Leo at that time, is to get locked in to everyone’s preconception of you from doing one big, iconic role. And in a way, you’re almost being punished for doing too well, a good part of the success of the film was because of their great work and so now they’ve had this sort of sense that there was a long shadow they had to escape from, so I understand her needing to distance herself from it.

But, on the other hand, you know, it’s been 16 years, like, come on, Kate. Get over it. Take the wind, girl! [Laughs] It’s OK. You can relax now. You can unclench...I said I understood [her] response, I didn’t necessarily agree with it.

I think her comments were also all in good fun. DiCaprio is one of her oldest friends, and I'm sure he has a few things to say about his own past with the film as well. When a movie gets that big, it kind of consumes your life, and that might be hard for someone who is not use to that sort of attention. Cameron hit the nail on the head with his comparison to Mark Hamill. However, Winslet, in my opinion, is more than just that chick who showed her boobs for that dude she could have shared that door raft with at the end of the movie. "Jack, I'll never let go..." Well, you wouldn't have to worry about that if you'd just move the hell over.

Source: Moviefone



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