James Cameron to finally begin shooting Avatar 2 starting next week

If you chose September 25, 2017 as the day James Cameron would begin principal photography on AVATAR 2, congratulations, as you've just won two imaginary tickets to Pandora - The World of Avatar at Walt Disney World! Be sure to collect your complimentary blue cat ears at the entrance and don't forget to visit our vegan food emporium compliments of James and Suzy Cameron's newly-established Verident Foods Incorporated!

The news of Cameron's filming scoop came by way of THR's own Borys Kit, who tweeted the following message late last night:

All joking aside, the time has finally come for Cameron's back-to-back filming of all four of the planned AVATAR sequels. As you may recall, the original film was kind of a big deal. With over $2.79 billion dollars earned at the worldwide box office, three Academy Awards won and much more, AVATAR was something of a revelation for the film industry. While AVATAR might not have left a lasting impression on theatergoers, its influence can be felt in everything from the 3D film boom of the past several years to the manner in which special effects are orchestrated in today's biggest blockbusters. With work about to begin on the several-planned sequels, I can't help but wonder if Cameron will yet again be successful in establishing new and exciting trends in filmmaking.

In regard to the cast of the AVATAR sequels, it's being reported that Sam Worthington (Jake Sully), Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), Sigourney Weaver (Grace Augustine), Stephen Lang (Miles Quaritch) and newcomers Oona Chaplin and Cliff Curtis have already begun working with the special effects crew on the virtual sets of the film in preparation for their journey to Pandora. Obviously, creating a film in the world of AVATAR is no easy task, so it should come as no surprise that Cameron has been spending a great deal of his time with the talented technicians at WETA Digital to make certain that everything is set for when the cameras begin to roll.

For me, I wish Cameron, his cast, and the crew the very best when creating these sequels. Frankly, I admire Cameron's sticktoitiveness with regard to his passion to grow Pandora and its populace beyond the original film. While I can already hear the moans and wails of those who've no interest in seeing the franchise continue, I've no doubt that people will arrive in droves to see what Cameron and his team have cooked up for this long-gestating passion project of industry-changing effects and a desire to see Pandora flourish into something new.

AVATAR 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18, 2020, with the sequels arriving around the time when Old St. Nick squeezes his velvety red ass down your chimney in 2021, 2024 and 2025.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't seen AVATAR since it was released in theaters.
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