James Cameron turns Fantastic Voyage into a love story

Since AVATAR James Cameron has had his name attached to a number of films, but most of those have been in the role of producer. One such project he’s lent his name to is the remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE, a camptastic 1966 sci-fi film about a miniature submarine cruising through someone’s bloodstream.

Currently Shawn Levy, director of REAL STEEL is attached, and Cameron recently spoke to Deadline about a new direction for the story he came up with.

“I gave him my idea about how this should be turned into a love story and he’s really run with it.”

Cameron says it’s about two thirds of the way there in the development process. Much like Titanic the new Voyage has a real emotional core to it, basically dealing with a doctor going through troubled times in his marriage who finds himself injected into his gravely ill wife in order to save her life. Apparently, once he gets to the brain, things really heat up.

So they’re making OSMOSIS JONES a dramatic love story? Kidding, kidding. I mean, it sounds half creative, half ridiculous, and I would be very curious to see how the hell this would turn out, especially if the focus is on a romance.

Extra Tidbit: Levy might push this back to do FRANKENSTEIN or PINNOCHIO first.
Source: Deadline



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