James Cameron updates on the status of Avatar 2 and 3; "I'm deep into it and I'm living in Pandora right now"

Seems like we get a minor update from James Cameron every so often about the status of his planned sequels to AVATAR.  You can chalk this up as just that.  It's nothing major, but does give some insight into where Cameron is at in the process.  In an interview with Play Goes Strong, Cameron gave some info on the current state of the sequels, which he'll shoot back-to-back. The director seems like he's exceptionally pumped up to begin, although it's unclear if he's put anything to paper yet.

"It's not exactly a little, intimate drama. I'm working on 'Avatar 2' and 'Avatar 3.' I was talking the other day with Peter Jackson and said, 'You had it easy dude. You had the books when you did the second and third 'Lord of the Rings.' I have to create my own books in my head and extract a script from it. I'm deep into it and I'm living in Pandora right now. There is that start up torque where you feel it's coming to you. Then you build up momentum. That's when it gets fun. The characters talk and it's writing itself. I'm almost there right now. It's building fast."

Cameron also responded to the question of whether or not there was a lot of pressure to top himself after the massive success of AVATAR and if he could confirm a release date for the next entry, saying:

"Pressure, no. It's a little daunting because sequels are always tricky. You have to be surprising and stay ahead of audience anticipation. At the same time, you have to massage their feet with things that they know and love about the first film. I've walked that line in the past, so I'm not too worried about it. At the same time, I definitely have to deliver the goods…As for a release date that will be determined by when I get the script out. No pressure!"

With a script still not complete, I wouldn't start rubbing yourself with blue body paint and brushing up on your Na'vi just yet.  A premiere is at least a few years away.  If anything, this simply confirms that the director is still on course to make the sequels, much to the chagrin of those of us who would rather see the filmmaker move away from Pandora.  But, Cameron seems intent on following through, so those that fell head over heels for the original can still hold onto hope for a return to that world.  They may just have to wait a bit longer.

AVATAR 2 is proposed for release sometime in 2015, but don't hold Cameron to that.

Extra Tidbit: I'd rather see Cameron doing something new and original than a series of sequels. What would you like to see him working on?



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