James Corden spoofs Michael Myers in Making a 'Halloween' Murderer video

With director David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN now slashing up the box office in theaters, the internet has officially reached a fever pitch for videos and articles related to Haddonfield's sadistic and stabby horror icon, Michael Myers. Not one to be left out of this momentous movement, James Corden of The Late Late Show with James Corden has unleashed a new skit titled Making a 'Halloween' Murderer: Michael Myers.

In the video, Corden dons the legendary killer's mask for a spoof on the Netflix documentary crime series MAKING A MURDERER. As local law enforcement delve into the Haddonfield babysitter murders, the film crew enlist a few of Myers' oldest friends to come to his defense, with FRIDAY THE 13TH menace Jason Voorhees leading the pack. What makes the video unique is that instead of Michael remaining a mute murderer, Corden gives the boogeyman a voice. The result of which leads to some chuckle-worthy gags, as Myers explains to the authorities that he could never harm another living being, babysitters in particular.

As I was saying, David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN is in theaters now. Written by Green and comedic actor Danny McBride, the story picks up 40 years after the events of the original film, with Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode lying in wait for Michael's fabeled return to Haddonfield. In addition to Curtis, the film also stars Judy Greer (ANT-MAN, 27 DRESSES), Andi Matichak (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, REPLICATE), James Jude Courtney (FAR AND AWAY), Nick Castle (HALLOWEEN, THE LAST STARFIGHTER), and Haluk Bilginer (WINTER SLEEP, BEN-HUR), among others.

You can find our own Jimmy O's take on the film here, as well as Chris Bumbray's early TIFF review here. We'd also like to hear what you thought of the film. So if you've been lucky enough to see HALLOWEEN already, be sure to tell us what you thought here.

HALLOWEEN is now playing in theaters everywhere. Trick 'r treat, mutha ...




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