James Franco has done unspeakable things in this Sausage Party clip

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Various members of the supermarket food community, previously under the assumption that they go to paradise after they're chosen to leave the store, discover that what human "gods" have planned for them is certain doom. This is the set up for the latest Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg comedy which just happens to be an animated flick. If you want to see what doom means to these food items, check out the following red-band clip!

For those of you wondering if an entire movie can take on this kind of premise, the answer seems to be, "Yes!" Our own Eric Walkuski has a chance to check this flick out at SDCC (read his review HERE) and had some pretty great things to say about it! I'd say this summer has been lacking in laughs of the intentional kind (sorry GHOSTBUSTERS fans) so I'm really looking forward to seeing what a hot dog and bun might do together in an R-rated animated flick. . .

SAUSAGE PARTY opens in theaters on August 12, 2016.

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