James Gunn & Mark Hamill make the world a better place by finally meeting

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Was it good? Did you eat some BBQ and enjoy the sunshine? Well, whatever it was I can guarantee it was lamer than a sack of raisins on Halloween compared to the day Mark Hamill and James Gunn had. The two famous neighbors finally met over the holiday weekend and now the world is, scientifically, better than it was before.

Both Gunn and Hamill took to social media to talk about the magnificent day, with Hamill saying, “Such a great day meeting my neighbor @JamesGunn! We have so much in common & talked about EVERYTHING: the weather, gardening tips, favorite recipes, growing up Catholic, our mutual love of dogs, bleu cheese, risqué limericks & the weather again. #FunWithGunn.”

Here is Gunn’s Instagram post.

Gunn added some detail about their discussions, saying they talked about, Lee Marvin. Home construction. Hamilton. Dogs. Kingsman. Solo. Comic Books. @JimLee. Rick & Morty. Politics. Bela Lugosi. Twiggy. Qanon. @DaveBautista. Song rights. Sam Fuller. Our vet. Russian Roulette (the book). @prattprattpratt. Svengoolie. Blue cheese. And much more.”

Oh yeah, what is that “much more”, Gunn? Could it perhaps be about something related to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3? The plans for their meetup were set in motion months ago when a fan asked Gunn to write a part for Hamill in GOTG 3, with the writer/director talking about how cool that would be. Hamill also chimed in, and our dreams came one step closer to becoming a reality.

Okay, they probably didn’t talk about that. But still, I’m equally as happy knowing these two are bosom buddies now. Maybe they can team up for a buddy cop flick where their characters specialize in comic book-related crimes.  



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