James Gunn urges Marvel & DC fans to stop fighting with each other

When it comes to all of the greatest, most destructive conflicts in the world, the never-ending battle between Marvel fans and DC fans supersedes all others. Forget the worlds wars or legendary squabbles like the Hatfields and McCoys. This is the battle that has shaped and influenced our world more than any other, and will seemingly never end as one side tries to claim dominance over the other. Truly such an epic clash will never end peacefully, but according to director James Gunn, it’s time to put down our weapons and come together.

Yesterday the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY director went on a bit of Twitter rant delving into the silliness of Marvel vs. DC squabbles, saying it’s all “wasted energy,” and that if we take a second to look at each other, there’s certainly room to find common ground. Take a look at the whole spiel below!

Having read comments on the internet and being exposed to the rage that comes from fans of one franchise talking about the other, I can say this petty squabble really does seem ridiculous. I can see why some viewers may like the darker style of the DC universe, while others prefer the colorful and light Marvel, but why do people have to hate the other side so passionately? You can love Iron Man and Batman and The Flash and Spider-Man. There's plenty of reasons to love both, and to hope that any movie involving any of these characters does well. The internet is such a toxic place, but we really shouldn't let it spread across something as pure and amazing as the comic book world.  But if you MUST rage against the opposite series, just go to your local comic book shop and mess with the organization of rival comic books. 

Source: James Gunn



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