James Mangold drops horrifying image of Stephen Merchant from Logan

Now that we have a title and poster, anticipation for LOGAN has been injected with a dose of adrenaline, and just a smidgen of crack. The movie promises to be gritty, somber and a fitting sendoff for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and every released image has advertised a suitably dramatic, R-rated film—that is until this new image came out. This…I don’t know what this is.

James Mangold tweeted out a picture of Stephen Merchant looking particularly creepy, and we now know, for sure, who the actor is playing: Bald Albino. See for yourself below.

Creepy as shit, no? The picture shows Merchant as his currently unknown character in the comic book flick, and needless to say it’s really keeping in tone with the film's other mysterious pics. It's pretty interesting as far as ambiguous imagery goes, and all I wanna know is who this man is and will I die in three days if I stare into his eyes.

Though I am truly curious about who this character is, I was informed Merchant could be playing the character named Caliban. A Google search will bring up images of a character that resembles Merchant here, so that seems a pretty safe guess. I am not the biggest comic book reader, so if anyone has any idea what this character will be doing in the movie feel free to throw your guess into the ring. The image does its job though of generating an immense curiosity in the movie, as if we weren't curious already. As for me, I think this is Mangold's attempt to give us a creeper version of Paul Bettany's albino monk from DA VINCI CODE. Mission accomplished, Mangold, mission accomplished.

LOGAN starring Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant and more arrives March 3, 2017.

Source: Twitter



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