James Mangold on why Wolverine's costume would make no sense in the movies

LOGAN arrives next week on March 3, and if the reviews are to be believed (read our own Chris Bumbray’s here!) fans will finally be treated to the Wolverine movie they’ve always wanted, and more. But ever since Hugh Jackman put on the claws people have been wondering one thing: are we ever going to see him in his tight yellow costume? James Mangold answers why we haven’t, and probably never should.

While speaking with Screen Rant, Mangold discussed why the character’s trademark yellow costume from the comics has never appeared in the films, bluntly saying because it makes no earthly sense to have him wear it:

I always feel a certain contingent of fans who are yearning for it. But the biggest block I’ve had – I’m willing to take the heat for it – is that, I can never get past, being a writer for these movies as well, that Logan is the least narcissistic of all the superheroes, any kind I can think of – Marvel, DC or anywhere else. What I mean by that is, who puts a special branded outfit on when they do good deeds? And why? The only reason you do it is so you can have some sort of trademarked claim and get credit for what you did. Nothing seems less Wolverine-like than the desire to put on a trademarked outfit , particularly canary yellow, and kind of prance about doing good deeds and have people go, “Oh my God! It’s The Wolverine!” At least the Wolverine, as I see him, that’s a real struggle for me and always has been. I somehow feel that if somehow we ever put Hugh [Jackman] into one of those outfits, people would not be happy. Essentially, it’s something that lives on the page and I’m not sure could live anywhere else.

Around the time THE WOLVERINE was hitting its home release there were rumors of the costume appearing in THE WOLVERINE: UNLEASHED EXTENDED EDITION, with footage of the character wearing the uniform (shown below). However said footage never came into existence, and the character remains yellow-less, much to the dismay of some hardcore fans.

I agree with Mangold wholeheartedly here. Logan/Wolverine isn’t a character that wants a ton of attention. Though he throws himself into scenarios to help people when the job needs getting done, he’s not one to run out there for glory or praise. Blending in is his thing, so a bright yellow costume seems contradictory, at least to the character in these movies. Plus, yellow is so out of season, and I think he looks just dapper in that dirty suit he’s sporting in those LOGAN images.

LOGAN arrives March 3.

Source: Screen Rant



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