James Mangold to direct adaptation of mystery novel The Deep Blue Good-by

James Mangold may be developing a follow-up to THE WOLVERINE, but in the meantime, he is going to set his sights on directing an adaptation of the mystery novel THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY featuring sleuth Travis McGee. This will mark the first big screen adaptation of the character despite attempted films from directors Oliver Stone and Paul Greengrass.

Travis McGee recurred in over twenty novels by author John D. MacDonald and served as a precursor to other characters like Jake Reacher. What sets McGee apart from other mystery characters is the fact that he is not a detective or a private investigator but rather a "beach bum" who gets involved with cases.

Living in sun-drenched Fort Lauderdale aboard his houseboat The Busted Flush, McGee doesn’t do much of anything until he needs money. Then, he takes “salvage consultant” jobs, recovering property for clients, taking a big percentage, and getting into misadventures along the way.

Mangold has directed a diverse selection of films like WALK THE LINE, 3:10 TO YUMA, and KNIGHT AND DAY. But, I would almost think THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY would share more in common with his film COPLAND. I would say prior to this year that this would be a perfect role for Matthew McConaughey, but I think he may steer clear of this type of role now that he is an Oscar winner.

Here's hoping that James Mangold can convince Hugh Jackman to board this ship. It is about time we got a good new mystery franchise.

Source: Deadline



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