James Mangold updates Logan black & white comments; could be on the Blu-ray

Not too long ago we reported that James Mangold was working on a black and white version of LOGAN, and there was much rejoicing. The movie relied heavily on dramatic black and white photos for its promotion, so fans are clawing at the opportunity to see a full B&W edition. Fans got so pumped, in fact, that Mangold has come out to speak more on the matter.

 The director of the hit superhero movie spoke to Deadline about the edition, upgrading his comments from “Working on it,” to “It is something we are doing.” He elaborated further saying that the positive response to the B&W pictures is a big reason why they’re exploring this version:

I think it even surprised everyone to the degree that there is a kind of a running assumption that black and white is a turnoff for most people. It caused such an extreme reaction, and so much appreciation for these pictures, and then people immediately wondering if the film itself was going to be in black and white, and so we are giving it a whirl, and I think the Blu-ray will come out with a pass on it. I think it will be a very handsome black and white version of the picture.

George Miller did the same thing with the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - BLACK & CHROME EDITION , and it was met with high praise. However, that edition was released some time after the original Blu-ray, and Mangold seems confident this edition could come out when LOGAN first hits home video.

Given the dramatic nature of the movie I think LOGAN has more reason to be in B&W than other movies, like MAD MAX. Those B&W pictures are stunning, and almost haunting, so to see a whole movie like that would make it a completely different experience. If this does end up happening there will probably be a who separate Blu-ray edition that could cost more, but I’m throwing my money down now.

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Source: Deadline



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