James Ponsoldt is bringing Disney into Wild City

james ponsoldt

After making his mark on the film industry with a few smaller but incredibly well-received feature films (SMASHED, THE SPECTACULAR NOW and THE END OF THE TOUR), James Ponsoldt is moving up to make a big studio picture, developing a CG-live-action hybrid at Disney called WILD CITY that he'll write and direct. 

The film is an original concept concocted by Ponsoldt about the adventures of Los Angeles' wild animals, and sounds like the type of idea that would fit right in with The Mouse. WILD CITY is very early in development though, so there's no telling exactly how quickly it may come together for Disney. After all, they have the time to invest in it properly without rushing, given the wealth of projects they have in the coming years from their own live-action fairy tale adaptations, Marvel, STAR WARS, Pixar and Disney Animation. Therefore, it would appear WILD CITY will get the love and nourishment it needs to come along in due time, something few other studios seem ready or able to offer movies of this nature these days. 




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