James Wan gives more info on the Aquaman movie that's still happening

With AQUAMAN still a couple years out, there's not much information to go on about the story or behind-the-scenes details. However director James Wan (SAW, FURIOUS 7) recently dished out some info in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight about the film, so we'll nibble on what little morsels we can. 

According to Wan, the film will actually be a bit of a romance. But it won't be all love-dovey like Lois Lane and Clark Kent in MAN OF STEEL, or weird and abusive like Joker and Harley Quinn in SUICIDE SQUAD, but rather something more akin to adventure films like ROMANCING THE STONE:

I really want to get the classic action-adventure-romance aspect through that, and I think that’s kind of fun...Amber’s character is super strong, she’s very powerful as well. You don’t wanna mess with her...but at the same time, we also want someone who has a sort of feminine quality to her as well. She’s a bit of a contrast to Momoa, who’s more of a muscular machine almost.

That sounds fine. Look, I'm not the biggest Aquaman fan out there, but I think the character - like any character - deserves a shot. I mean, if someone could make a talking, gun-toting raccoon one of the coolest motherf*ckers in the MCU, than I see no reason why Momoa can't shake off the stigma of "Aquaman is useless" jokes that have existed since the character's inception for the DCEU as well. It also seems like most of the film will be set under the ocean, so that definitely helps with the whole "talking to fish" thing.

Anyway, you can see both Jason Momoa and Amber Heard as Aquaman and Mara, respectively, first in Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE November 17th, 2017, then again in the aformentioned James Wan-helmed AQUAMAN solo film July 27th, 2018. 

Extra Tidbit: Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941), originally as a a backup feature in DC's anthology titles.
Source: ET



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