James Wan responds to rumors that he may be leaving Aquaman

Jason Momoa Aquamand pic banner

Last week it was announced that Seth Grahame-Smith would NOT being making his directorial debut with THE FLASH, citing creative differences. Fair enough, as comic book films are no easy medium to start getting your feet wet in. Shortly after that news, rumors began swirling that DC was about to lose their AQUAMAN director, James Wan. DC has had a bit of a troubled history with its directors outside of Zack Snyder, so it certainly made sense given the backlash of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, but Wan himself hit up Twitter and decided to address those rumors with a single image.

James Wan Aquaman

That pretty much says it all, so (surprise surprise) you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Devin Faraci, who initially made the claim that Wan might walk, then started receiving some nasty hatemail, of which Wan said, "Please, there's absolutely no need to attack Devin, or anyone." Truer words have never been spoken in an age when people get so uppity about movies. For now, Wan is on board and Warner Bros. are looking for another director tackle THE FLASH. Here's hoping they come up with an inspired choice!

AQUAMAN is scheduled to hit theaters on July 27, 2018.



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