James Wan sticking with haunted houses for The Conjuring

Well I guess the man's found his new niche. After creating the torture porn horror genre with SAW that has pretty much run its course, James Wan is now firmly in the business of haunted houses.

His last spooky ghost film, INSIDIOUS was rather well received, and so he's sticking with the theme for his next, THE CONJURING. It's said to be "inspired by" the tale of the Perron family, who experience some crazy supernatural shit in their Rhode Island home. The "inspired by" is key because Wan doesn't actually have the rights to their story, so they'll have to change it up a bit. Oh also ghosts don't actually exist, so there's that.

I'm guessing it will be "inspired" the same way THE STRANGERS was "inspired by" people being killed in a cabin at some point in history. Seriously, was that supposed to be based on the Manson murders or something?

THE CONJURING just got picked up by New Line, and is being written by HOUSE OF WAX's Chad and Carey Hayes. Though I doubt we'll see Paris Hilton getting speared through the face this time.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of INSIDIOUS? I liked it at the time, but it didn't make a real lasting impression.
Source: Variety



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