James Wan teases upcoming Aquaman trailer with new photo

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off in only a few days, but for all you movie fans, the big day will be this Saturday when the biggest bevy of goodies comes our way. This will include a trailer for the highly-anticipated movie AQUAMAN, showing off the first footage for the aquatic adventure. Director James Wan took to social media to tease the impending trailer, showing an image of a man controlling the very sea.

You can take a look at the image below with the caption, “Working overtime to put the finishing touches for this coming week!! Eeeeeee #SDCC.”

Though the image features a mighty trident like the one Aquaman/Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) uses, the person in the image does not look like the title hero. Notice the lack of flowing hair and bare, tattooed chest. Perhaps we are getting a look at King Atlan, or perhaps a glimpse at a time well before that. Or, maybe, the instructors at SeaWorld have been given much cooler uniforms. 

The AQUAMAN trailer is the piece of footage I'm most anxious to see this weekend, aside from new trailers for GLASS and hopefully some WONDER WOMAN 1984 stuff. The effects look magnificent, and though we didn't see much in JUSTICE LEAGUE, the underwater world of Atlantis will probably be something to marvel at. Better make sure that first trailer looks tip-top, Wan. 

AQUAMAN hits theaters December 21.

Source: James Wan



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