James Wan's Aquaman brings back a writer from its past

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James Wan's AQUAMAN has found a writer to handle the film's scripting duties, and it only had to look to its past in order to secure the scribe it wanted.

Will Beall, who, once upon a time, was writing AQUAMAN when Warner Bros. was developing several different tracks for the project, has been brought back as the sole pen as he works off a detailed treatment by Wan and Geoff Johns. Wan and Johns have been trying to solidify the story for the picture recently, and, as part of that process, the kibosh was put on all those tracks.

Beall moved on to write and executive produce the TRAINING DAY series pilot that CBS has since ordered to series, but now he's back to finish what he started now that Wan and Johns have AQUAMAN in a much better and less cloudier place. Beall was once a rising star in Warners' eyes, as he was hired to write JUSTICE LEAGUE at one point in time, following GANGSTER SQUAD. But that draft was nixed. GANGSTER SQUAD underperformed and things sort of were what they were. But someone over at Warner Bros. really thinks the guy is talented, so here we are again. We'll see how it turns out. 

AQUAMAN dives into theaters on July 27, 2018.




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